Free legal services: Abeokuta man regains freedom after four months in prison

The partnership between Olumide and Stephanie Aderinokun Foundation with Headfort Foundation continues to birth good news with free legal services for indigenes of Ogun State in Abeokuta.

John was on a visit to his girlfriend on April 6 when he was sighted by a member of the community vigilante and he was arrested and taken to the police station for a crime he knows nothing about.

On April 12, John was charged to Magistrate Court in Isabo for the offence of breaking and entering but he had no money to hire a lawyer.

However, relief came to him when he met a lawyer from Headfort Foundation in the mobile lawyer’s office donated by Olumide and Stephanie Aderinokun Foundation in the Magistrate Court.

The purpose of Headfort Foundation is to provide legal support for people in legal tussles who cannot afford the services of a lawyer for their defence.

The lawyer from the foundation stood still with John throughout the trial period and she entered the defence of no case submission on John’s behalf, at the end of the evidence of the prosecution.

Fortunately, the court ruled in John’s favour and the young man regained his freedom on August 4th after spending four months in prison.

Recall that, Olumide and Stephanie Aderinokun Foundation brought Headfort Foundation to Ogun State by supporting the construction and equipping of their mobile office with a sum of #700,000 in November 2021.

John’s release is among the successes recorded in the partnership between Aderinokun Foundation and Headfort Foundation for indigenes of Ogun State.